New Beginnings

Fireworks #1 from Camera Slayer

I can’t believe this is the final post for social media class. I must say starting my own Twitter and blog page was a bit nerve racking at first. It was my first foray into the social media world and I wasn’t sure how I would fair. Surprisingly, the creation of both sites was very easy and the instructions were user friendly.

By my second post, I became very comfortable with the various techniques and skill set needed to make my blog not only functional but interesting. I also credit Professor Laurel Hart for making the transition seamless for those of us who are technically challenged when it comes to this medium. Although, I had some issues coming up with blog topics at times, I found that adhering to the 300-400 word count was no longer a challenge as time went on. Just a few days ago, I was looking back at my earlier blogs and I couldn’t believe how much I’ve grown from the first post.

Creating and writing my blog made me feel like the editor of my own paper. I had complete autonomy over the images and links that I chose to use. It really is liberating when you have the opportunity to do and say what you want. My most recent post on the food truck revolution received a comment from a local food enthusiast who covers food trucks within his neighborhood. It was definitely exciting to see another person share the same interests.

 I am still a bit indecisive about whether or not I will continue blogging.  This requires a great deal of time and commitment in order to do it successfully.  What I am certain is that I will continue to tweet.  I’ve become a huge fan of and using it at this point is second nature to me.

Social media class has given me a new found independence and confidence. When I venture out to look for job opportunities in the public relations sector, I will be more prepared to handle positions that have a social media component.


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