Women & Social Media

From the Suffrage Movement of the mid 19th Century to the Women’s Liberation of the 1970’s, women have always voiced their concerns about the societal pressures and inequities that they encounter  in their daily lives.  In the 21st Century, we’ve seen the evolution and rise of women of diverse backgrounds occupying high profile positions in medicine , politics, and the corporate sector. Throughout these times, women have used various forums to raise awareness whether it be  through print , radio , or television.  Today, social media  has become a great platform  where women’s issues can be heard , debated, and analyzed.  More than ever before, women are empowering each other on a global level by using technology to inform, communicate, and educate.  One site that helps to foster conversation  and create partnership  for female bloggers is Blogher. For the past seven years, Blogher has created exposure for 37 million women who are part of the community of  female bloggers. Topics on the site range from Breast Cancer Awareness to Human Trafficking.  As noted in”The Cluetrain Manifesto”, markets are about relationships. Women are utilizing these relationships to converse about what is most important to them on a socio-economic level.  This medium also carries  broader ramifications politically and economically.  Women play a major role in how the household is governed . Increasingly, politicians and advertisers  are aware of the power of the female influence  both at home and in the corporate arena.  Social Media is the new terrain where women are making their mark by voicing their concerns in  the marketplace through transaction, conversation, and relationships.  It is obvious that the global community is listening intensely to see how women will continue to transform the world around us!  As we continue to challenge ourselves intellectually, we can find new opportunities to explore  and generate the kind of dialogue that evokes change in all areas of society.





Greetings all and welcome to The JFar Chronicles. This blog will be a forum where we can have discussions on various topics. I look forward to many thought provoking conversations.

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