The New Age of Advocacy

Advocacy Now by Erutan

Social advocacy is at the root of all the social movements that we have witnessed throughout history. We’ve seen advocacy in its finest form  from the civil rights movement, which brought about change socially and politically to AIDS awareness, where groups such as ACT UP took to the streets to demand change for people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Despite the fact that social media wasn’t a part of our lives at that point and time, the voices of the people were heard loud and clear. The Twitter of yesteryear was word of mouth and good old fashion pounding of the pavement.

Online Advocacy by Matthew Burpee

Today, advocacy has taken a new form through social media. Twitter , Facebook, and blogs are used to galvanize communities and create awareness globally. The keyboard is now an instrument of empowerment. Advocacy groups are enlisting the help of organizations such as  to attract and maintain supporters. Politicians are also taking a part in this as a way to make their positions known to their constituents. On a personal note,  I am following a few of my local politicians on Twitter to get a sense of what issues matter to them the most . It helps me to become well informed about local issues and I ‘ll get a sense of  what the prevailing  campaign platforms are  from politicians, if and when they decide to run for reelection.

It seems that the key ingredients to online advocacy are to be passionate and engaging to your audience. If your passionate about your cause and it is demonstrated in your writings and in all that you do, people will be more eager to learn about the issues that you care about. Without that element of passion, your issues will not resonate with your key audience base.

As always, please let me know what you think.