Social Nirvana

Zappos HQ Tour bylowlevelrebel  is an online retailer that is truly utilizing social media to put its customers first. The website has a user friendly approach, which allows customers to peruse the website with ease. Zappos boasts an array of social media components that keeps the most demanding fashionista entertained with a multitude of choices. Their tweet wall, weekly fashion newsletters, and blogs keep customers engaged and informed. At the core of their success are their social media values. They have adopted three core social media values of transparency, authenticity, and value. Essentially, pleasing the customer and making sure the shopping experience is first rate with their 24 hour customer service assistance.  Employees are encouraged to send cards and gifts to their favorite customers as a way to establish a more emotional connection.  Zappos believes that social media should be used as a tool to build  strong personal relationships with their customer base.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, by ManoelNetto

  Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO encourages  a participatory culture, where employees can tweet about their ideas and experiences with the company.  Hsieh is not tucked away in a corner office. He is constantly on Twitter talking and interacting with customers not just about the website but the daily inner workings of the company. All employees including Hsieh sit in open cubicles with the rest of the staff to promote an egalitarian environment where hierarchies do not exist .  An open door policy helps to foster creativity and innovation. Zappos recently has been recognized by the online business community for using social media as a business strategy to motivate their corporate culture.  Websites such as social media examiner and social media explorer applauds  Zappos for their efforts.

 Zappos is also extending a helping hand to other companies that are interested in enhancing their business with social media.  The Zappos Insights website was created to help businesses find a culture that will work for their organizations. They offer training bootcamp, specialized online curriculum,  and a wide array of tactics that will help to replicate the kind of success Zappos has experienced in the past few years.