The New Age of O

Oprah by nayrb7

Leave it to the queen of media Oprah Winfrey to start a major trend. Since leaving daytime television to start her OWN Network, Oprah has found new ways to engage her television viewers through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Skype. Through these mediums she is able to get live unaltered comments and questions from her fans. Oprah’s social media strategies have been analyzed and written about by notable online publications such as Mashable, Social Media Today, and social media expert Chris Brogan.

So what is the secret of Oprah’s social media strategy? Well, since the beginning of her groundbreaking show 25 years ago, Oprah understands that we as human beings have a strong need to connect with  each other. Whether it’s sharing a recipe or getting advice on life altering events in our lives, communication is the key. Knowing that there are other people who have endured similar trials and tribulations helps us all gain strength and comfort. This is what her Lifeclass series brings to viewers around the world and social media is giving viewers a chance to discuss their issues in real-time. It’s almost like having a therapy session without paying the expensive hourly rate.

The rule of engagement is another powerful component in Oprah’s approach.  Through social media, Oprah is keeping her audiences stimulated and interested in the various issues that are being discussed.  Online viewers get a  behind–the-scenes look of the show during commercial breaks. As noted in a recent Social Media Today article, social media is vital in helping businesses build a sustainable audience base. Oprah has integrated this tool into every facet of her media empire.

 In addition, Oprah manages her own Twitter account; no one is allowed to tweet for her. Bloggers also play an integral role in the success of her Lifeclass.  Bloggers are more passionate about their issues and have a strong following. It is this word- of-mouth marketing that is helping to expand the Oprah brand.

So what have we learned from Oprah? Be sincere, be authentic, and be passionate. If you use the right medium, you can create a lasting impression that will eventually change lives!