Social Media Frenzy

With the advent of social media, the role of professional  communicators has become increasingly complex. Public realtions experts must be able to navigate the treacherous waters of this everchanging technological landscape.  News events happen at such an exceedingly high pace that there is no room for error.  Twitter, Facebook , text messaging and other various forms of communication are now the norm in our society. A skilled  public relations professional must be able to use these tools wisely to bring information and also quell the flames of an impending scandal.

Communicators are no longer just purveyors of information, but the guardian of a  company’s image. In today’s tech driven environment , it seems as though you must have a detailed statement prepared in the event of a disaster.  More than ever, public relations experts have to utilize these  mediums to their advantage or be trampled by competitors.

At times, I feel that this new wave of technology can be a bit overwhelming .  It  has become more of a juggling act to keep everything in balance.  News whether good or bad will always make the headlines. More often than not, it is  the scandalous and controversial new stories that will capture our attention.  A decade ago,  we had more control over how information was  consumed and distributed. Now, the average person can create their own news bureau. I am not saying that this new medium isn’t a great way t0 communicate with families, friends and colleagues. The challenge is to maintain control over privacy and other  pertinent information.  There is a great deal of good that has come out these forums. People have the freedom  and power to create  new ways to communicate and express themselves individually, but it must be done with respect and care.

Please let me know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. They are all appreciated!